1. Our Quality Statment

We Shiv Shakti Fabricators has strict procedure of production to control the quality of our product! Receive order from customer - contract evaluation - place an order - forging or casting(outside-assisting) - Hot treatment(outside-assisting) - visual inspection - machining - chemical composition analysis(outside-assisting) - metallographic test (outside-assisting) - mechanical capability test(outside-assisting) - ultrasonic test - visual and dimensional inspection - assembling - sealing performace test - warehouse - shipment.

2. After Sales

We Shiv Shakti Fabricators extremely care of our honor and reputation won on the international market, we promise high quality products as well as we supply good after-market services. We assure 18 months of warranty of our products, we supply spare parts for free in 18 months if there any quality problem caused during use, and we supply repair service for life of our products. If we have no ability to solve the problem, we promise to remanufacturing the valves for our customers.Spare parts We supply spare parts for free in 6 months if any quality problem caused during use.

3. Price Benefits

It is very important for any client that wants to buy the best product at the best prices. We are able to provide the best quality product at the most competitive prices. We can also suitably alter the pricing of the products according to the specific needs of an organization. Therefore this makes us very competitive.

4. Trust, Relationship and Values

Over the many years, we have strived hard to maintain best relationships with our clients. They are precious to us. We feel proud to say that the clients that came to us in the beginning are with us to this day. We are honoured and humbled and thank each one of them for the trust that they have reposed on us. We want to assure you of our support in the growth and success of your business.

5. Service

Once we receive any quality problem complain, our technology department will take an analysis and we will response you within 12 hours via telephone or emial. We will give solution in 24 hours.

6. Expertise in Matching Strictest Customer Requirements

We use the latest cutting edge development techniques. We emphasize on working closely with the customers and we welcome change. This helps us to deliver best quality end products to meet the international quality standards. Also, this enables us to effectively meet the growing demands.

7. Direct Sourcing

Gain more control of your supply chain and secure your supply by getting increased security related to quality, prices and market.

8. Technology Advancement

We started the company in a modest fashion but have now expanded and created new divisions. From day one onwards we have been delivering quality products and services at competitive prices to meet the customer’s needs. We have committed to adopt the most modern techniques and latest technology and be a progressive partner to anyone that wants to associate with us.

9. Sustainable Practices

We follow sustainable business practices as we understand the need of protecting our environment. We minimise the social, economic and environmental impact of our company’s work practices.

10. Time Efficient

We work in very fluid conditions meaning we maximize our capacity according to the needs of the customer. Our response to customer’s needs is instantaneous. We are here with dedicated services for all our customers so that they can find the solution without any hassle.


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