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Dual Fuel Conversion Salient

We introduce ourselves as installer of conversion of old diesel power generators to dual fuel i.e. 35% diesel + 65% either LPG or PNG or Biogas or Producer Gas, etc. The salient features are as under :

In dual fuel conversion, the power output of the engine will remain the same, and no reduction of power,

No engine modification required,

easy to install,

reduces operating cost,

Extends run-time of standby engines,

Lower emissions,

No high pressure gas supply,

State-of-the-art controls and monitoring,

reduces liquid fuel storage,

onsite installation,

Imported dual fuel conversion system, etc.

If you are interested, please send us details of your D.G.Sets as per our attached format. After receipt of your details we will send you our best suitable offer.

We are also manufacturing Gas (LPG/PNG/Biogas/Producer Gas, etc.) Power Generators of any capacity which runs on 100 % gas.

We are awaiting for your early favourable reply into the matter.

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